Overture introduces Budget Smoothing

Overture introduces Budget Smoothing
Starting in October, Overture will be introducing "Budget smoothing", a new feature in which its system makes adjustments to the frequency in search listings that are displayed based on the depletion of a specified budget.

For example, if you have budgeted €100,00 a day, our system will display your listings just enough so that you receive clicks that will total approximately €100,00 for the day.

The smoothing feature also regulates the display of your listings so that you receive clicks throughout the day, rather than burning through your budgeted amount in just a few hours.

Note that listings will be taken offline temporarily when our system identifies that you have reached your budget for a particular period.

Display of your listings will be automatically resumed when the system recognises that your budget will permit more click charges.

At all times, your click charges will equal €0.01more than the max bid of your next lowest active (online) competitor.

Overture has modified its Advertiser Terms & Conditions to reflect the above changes. We strongly suggest you review the new version of our T&Cs as your continued use of Overture constitutes acceptance of the modified Advertiser Terms & Conditions.

However, if you choose to discontinue listing with Overture under these terms, please note that Overture has the right to close your account as we are not able to continue offering our service under the old Terms and Conditions.

Source: Overture / Germany


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